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Sabong World Cup formerly known as SWW is the No. 1 Online Sabong platform in the Philippines and is the new WPC

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What is SABONG?

Cockfighting, locally known as "Sabong," holds a special place in the cultural fabric of the Philippines. This traditional blood sport has deep historical roots in the country and continues to be a popular form of entertainment

Amidst the pandemic, operations seized and there was quite a big demand for cockfight and therefore the creation of “Sabong World Cup” which enabled Sabong enthusiasts, who are almost every Filipino, to play whenever and wherever they are. This is where online cockfights began. Even if you’re new to this and are just recently getting into the game, it is an easy betting game to play as it has a 50% chance of winning. You will have to choose between “Meron” and “Wala” before the cockfight starts.


For many, cockfighting is seen as a way to preserve tradition and heritage. It is deeply ingrained in Filipino culture, and enthusiasts often take pride in their knowledge of breeding, training, and handling gamecocks. Cockfighting has even found its way into literature, music, and art, reflecting its cultural significance.

With Sabong World Cup all you need to have is a mobile phone and internet access to be able to watch and play Sabong. 

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Sabong World Cup
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Sabong World Cup has a very easy registration process as well as a smooth dashboard where the player can play with ease because of the quality of the arena videos and how user-friendly it is. 

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Ensuring Safety with Verified Contact Information

Sabong World Cup verifies contact numbers by sending transaction receipts and codes to ensure the safety of our players. Be sure to enter your actual contact information to avoid difficulties.