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Sabong World Cup formerly known as Sabong Worldwide is the No. 1 Online Sabong platform in the Philippines

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Online Sabong, also known as online cockfighting, is a form of virtual cockfighting that takes place online. Sabong is a traditional sport popular in many countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, where two gamecocks, typically bred and trained for fighting, are pitted against each other in a ring called a cockpit.

To participate in online Sabong, users typically need to create an account on a licensed platform and deposit funds into their account. They can then use these funds to place bets on the outcome of the matches. The bets can vary in type and amount, such as betting on which rooster will win, the method of victory (such as knockout or decision), or the duration of the fight. The odds for each bet are determined by the platform and are usually displayed before the match begins.

Sabong World Cup is an ingrained traditional sport in the Philippines that has been played locally and internationally.  Through websites and online groups like Sabong Worldcup and Pitmaster Live, sabong enthusiasts from all around the world can interact and share their passion for the sport. These platforms offer a central location for fans to exchange information, view live feeds of games and competitions, and interact with other ardent followers from across the globe. The world's leading center for sabong aficionados is now Sabong Worldwide and Pitmaster Live.